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Forums > Living in Kunming > Remember the old Sony Digital Cassette's

2002 I bought this Sony Video Recorder, was awesome. Now I have a few of these cassette tapes and I hope to find someone in KM to convert them to digital format. Can anyone share the address/card/number of someone that can do this?
Thank you!

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Forums > Study > Study TCM!

Any Chance of keeping this post going.

I found a great TCM teacher in Shanghai. 30Yrs experience. Very high English Skills.

Would love to study TCM in Kunming in English (my Chinese isn't good enough). Thanks HFCAMPO for your links and everybody for your feedback.

Forums > Living in Kunming > internet access

Hey Jez, this can be a real challenge. I bought 100mb connection for my place in Shanghai and struggle to skype. In Kunming I havent been able to skype my family which is frustrating. So internet can be a real challenge. (Not to mention not being able to access Googlemaps)

Astril VPN is the main one for China.

4G Box? I also love to know more about this.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Elephant Parks and Riding

Was there an actual useful answer to this question?

I lived in North Thailand before coming to China. I can vouch and support what you guys are saying about there.

Back to the original question what about in Yunnan?
Is Xi Shuang Ban Na the more humane option?
Answers and opinions greatly appreciated.


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Great location. Just a minute walk from Wuyi Lu subway station Exit A.

1. I facilitated 2 workshops here, so as a facilitator this place is perfect for running workshops. Top floor with NO NOISE which was amazing!!
2. I attend workshops here (Feldenkrais with Pascal) Sensational and I'm looking forward to doing more. This particular workshop is very interesting and enlightening. The more I do body/mind work, the stronger the connections get, the more my intuition, happiness and results increase.