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Forums > Living in Kunming > woodshop and craftmen in Kunming, where?

i had some wood engraved/carved in the Guandu district-east of KM. The area is a huge industrial area that sells alot of raw wood, flooring and other building supplies and some shops carve wood by request. I took a cab from Nanyao and the driver knew where the area was.

Forums > Food & Drink > Cacaja Indian --A PIN IN MY MAIN> these guys are really dangerous

i had a green worm in my vegetable dish- a caterpillar? they said no worries, it's only a vegetable worm that likes to cling to brocolli. only reason i noticed it was because i was slowly picking away at that dish. the waitress talked to the manager, and the manager came over and apologized and compted my meal, but not my friend's who had the same platter. they also gave me free desert. the owner was there but didn't come over.

Forums > Food & Drink > Thanksgiving Dinner?

Wei's Place is having some sort of Thanksgiving Buffet. They also need an American host, they already have a Chinese one. I offered to do it if she can't find anyone else- i told her i'm happy to do it but i am awful with public stuff. You interested?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Torch Festival 2009

The Yi Torch Festival is officially held the 24th of the 6th month on the lunar calendar. Next year that will be August 14th. Depending on where you go- Stone Forest, Dali, Xiao Liangshan, Da Liangshan, Shiping, etc- activities start a few days before and end after. You should call the tourism bureau/lu you ju of that county before going.


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