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Thank you to tigertiger and to Dazzer for providing a voice of reason in this forum. I might have been able to reply sooner had I not been working 12 - 14 hour days over the past few weeks.

You are correct to say the "invitation only" events are effectively trade conferences, with specific messages for a targeted audience. The Investment event, with a panel from some of the UK's leading professional services firms, is aimed at unlocking millions of pounds' worth of FDI in to the UK, creating jobs and economic growth. Opening the event to people who want to buy a house in the UK is no t a good use of anyone's time.

For the Tourism Salon, sure, we could open it up to two dozen people who are thinking about the UK for their next holiday. Instead, we have invited the tourism industry and media who will reach far, far greater numbers of potential tourists to the UK over the next 12 months and can introduce the UK's wealth of sites of historical and cultural interest beyond London and Bicester Village. Those potential tourists, meanwhile, are warmly welcome to visit Jolie Luo's photo exhibition.

Cloudtrapezer asks why "almost all of the events are by invitation only or "fully booked" ". There are 10 events that are invitation only or already fully booked, and 8 that are open to the public. 56% would not normally be considered "almost all" of anything.

We made contact with GoKunming in order to raise the profile of the events, both public and private; and to raise the profile of the British Consulate General in Kunming so that both local citizens and expats are aware of the range of political, bilateral trade, education, culture and consular activity that we undertake, and have already been successful in this regard despite the event not launching for another two days.

I hope that you will come along to support and enjoy the open events throughout the week.

Simon Mellon
UK Trade Consul
British Consulate General, Chongqing


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