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I'm a 4th generation ethnic Chinese born outside of china. this is so true for Asian women. other cultures might think its strange but you see, its pretty normal in our culture (including mine, even though I'm technically an outsider)
you either take it or leave it bro.


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boss, it is very saddening that you are going home and by the time i return to China, you are not there to visit. fat chance i will ever see you again, but i will never forget you for giving me that shitty "cooperation" that fed me for 6 months, pays my tuition, tickets, and dates. also, the late night (or early morning) talks meant a lot for me to carry on with certain stuffs and life in general. it is thanks to you and the rest of the crew that i spent a blasting 6 months in Kunming without dying from starvation. i do hope i will see you again in the future. respect to you boss, wish you the best. from the absolute fucking worst worker in Kunming that do nothing but talks on the job, Chris.


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