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Seeing how much plastic China produces and how many bags you get in each store or any product you buy is bugging us a lot. We just moved to Kunming and trying to find out where is the place to bring all your plastic waste so it gets recycled. We're grateful for all the information you can share. Thank you guys.


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I've been to this place around 5 times. It does have a look of a nice place. But every time I was there the staff would make mistakes or just forget someones pizza order. Usually that would be the hungriest person waiting for hour n half after which they would tell us oh sorry we forgot. On my last visit I had a vegetarian pizza and after second slice I felt something stuck between my teeth, I pulled it out and it was a piece of plastic bag, I looked at my slice and there was a part of it sticking out, so I started pulling and pulled a freaking plastic bag out of my pizza which was under the cheese so they actually cooked it with plastic in it. When I approached the owner with this issue, he just laughed and said its part of package and somehow it got in. He didn't offer me a discount or apologies, nor did he make the pizza free for the worst experience ever. The same thing happened to my friend a few weeks later. I really hope this place will shut down and if you care about your health please don't go there. Its a fake western. restaurant ran by chinese locals who know nothing about healthy or at least clean food. To the owner of the restaurant: close your business, you know nothing about western food. I hope you eat plastic too you sob. I'm advising all of the foreigners I know to never go there ever.