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Seeing how much plastic China produces and how many bags you get in each store or any product you buy is bugging us a lot. We just moved to Kunming and trying to find out where is the place to bring all your plastic waste so it gets recycled. We're grateful for all the information you can share. Thank you guys.


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Seriously how is this shithole has 5 stars?
This place is in really unsafe zone called KunDu (Bar area)
To list a few things that happened to my close friends and just people I know:
My friends iphone got stolen and no help from security or police
My friends girlfriend was slapped on the face inside the bar and bar staff were protecting the guy who slapped the girl
My friends from US 2guys and 1 girl were brutally beaten up by a crowd of chinese just because they are LaoWai.
Thats only a few things that happend.
If you like adventures that don't end well go to this bar.