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Garbage recycling and plastic waste

WilliamBlake (1 post) • +2


Seeing how much plastic China produces and how many bags you get in each store or any product you buy is bugging us a lot. We just moved to Kunming and trying to find out where is the place to bring all your plastic waste so it gets recycled. We're grateful for all the information you can share. Thank you guys.

JanJal (807 posts) • +3

We sort our plastic waste and let the old ladies that sentry outside the house take care of rest. They'd rummage through the garbage bins for it anyway.

These poeple can exchange it for some money, so I rather leave it for them and just make their job a little easier.

Same for cardboard and other paper material, and the obvious bottles, glass and metal.

There is a nearby depot, where I occassionally see huge piles of plastic bags ready to be transported on a truck. I have no idea where those end up, but it's not incinerator I'm sure. Otherwise they'd leave it to the bins.

debaser (624 posts) • +3

There doesn't appear to be an official way of recycling. Like JanJal says, many things can just be left

by the side of the bin. the collectors decide if it has any value. Everything else is incinerated (including many things that could probably be recycled).

jakefinn (4 posts) • 0

It is the best way to recycle the garbage and plastic bags to prevent the pollution from spreading in the environment.

Ishmael (347 posts) • +2

I think the best way is to refuse to take plastic bags in the first place, whenever possible. Carrying one's own shopping bag will often enable this, and can often make recycling, which requires the use of energy, unnecessary.
I read, the other day, that the world produces about 10 tons of plastic PER SECOND! (The Atlantic, Mar. 10, 2019).

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