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Hi all.
I'm new to Kunming and I want to get business cards. Can anyone recommend any business card printing shops? What would the format be? pdf? ppt? a picture?



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I am happy to see the street cleared in the pic above, also looking forward to not dealing with that annoyance when I return next month. I do fear, however, this will lead to cars driving faster/less responsibly in this area.

Very interesting article, but the term 'Daic family' is misleading for discussing Austroasiatic.

Tai-Kadai is the language family which consists of languages spoken by several groups in this region including the Thai, Lao, Zhuang, Dai/Shan, and Shui among others.

Austroasiatic is the language family which consists of the languages spoken by the Vietnamese, Khmer, Wa, Mon and various other groups in SE Asia.

Some scholars propose that Tai-Kadai and Austroasiatic share a common ancestor language (Austric), but this is not commonly accepted. As I understand the research discussed in this article (not so thoroughly, I have to admit), this genetic work provides support that these peoples share common genetic ancestry.

I'm at the Hekou train station now. It's about 4-7km outside of town and nobody in town knows where it is except taxi drivers perhaps. For further inconvenience, it's not listed on baidu maps. The hotel I stayed at last night 河口国际公寓 has a ticket service and a shuttle bus. This hotel is right next to the border crossing.



I really like this restaurant. The food is excellent, and the prices are pretty reasonable. The downside is that their rubing has become much more expensive than it was a year or two ago.


Spent a nice quiet afternoon here. The wifi was fast and coffee was good. Like others said, it was closed for a bit so that is problematic - 4 stars.


I haven't spent enough time in Dali to say this is the best in Dali. But it is very good. Would recommend to the weary traveler in need of western food.


I finally made my way over to Slice of Heaven yesterday. The pizza is great here. I will definitely be returning in the near future.


This is a good cafe. Better for tea than for coffee; but the coffee is acceptable. A real benefit of this place is its prime location on the Yunda campus. It's a convenient place to meet with students and faculty. The only downside is the slow speed of the internet.