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Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for a good city bike

I'm looking for a decent bike to use around town. After checking out a few shops, it looks like my options are either a chintzy single speed step-through frame or an overbuilt mountain bike with front suspension and big knobby tires. In my opinion neither of these are ideal for city riding.

Does anybody know where I could buy a "hybrid bike" or something like a mountain bike without suspension? I am also interested in checking out one of those classic Chinese bikes like Fei Ge Pai or Shanghai Yongjiu but they seem like they'd be pretty hard to pedal uphill. Anyone had any experience with those?

Forums > Food & Drink > Seeking clean restaurants in Yun Da area

After a nasty bout of food poisoning, I am a little fearful of going out to eat at local establishments again. I would like to know if you have any recommendations for consistently good, clean restaurants (local or Western style) in the Yun Da area. Thanks!


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What is the best part of the lake for making a day trip? Looking for a relatively uncrowded nice stretch of beach to take a group of about 20 students. Proximity to a good restaurant and paddle boat rental a plus. Thanks!



The new phone number is: 0871-65741988

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