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Forums > Living in Kunming > Cheap suit!

Where is the best place to buy a relatively cheap suit in KM? All the threads here seem to be fairly old, or all mentioning custom made.

I just want something that looks alright, and can wear occasionally. Doesn't need to be of the highest quality!

Forums > Living in Kunming > How to get to aiport by 6:30am?

You can easily take a taxi to XiaoXiMen 小西门 (West Inn), and take the Number 1 shuttle bus for 25rmb. It starts at 5am, leaves every 30 mins, and takes about 40 minutes to get there. Last time I used it (a few weeks ago) it left right on the hour, 6am, and I was at the airport by 6:40am.

Same deal on the return trip. The bus runs until 2am I think.

Number 6 bus also starts at 5am from the Kunming Hotel, which might be (slightly) closer for you, although I haven't taken this one, so can't vouch for it.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Flying without a Passport

Just to update - flew without any issues last week. Just used the yellow receipt from the PSB.

A few people looked strangely at it when I handed it over, but went through without any problems.


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@tigertiger: I thought the only reason Chinese built stuff was in order to tear it down not soon after? I was in Chenggong last week and they were tearing up a whole street or concrete which looked like it had only been laid a year ago.



This school has moved.

It is now located on Tianjundian Alley (Off Yi'eryi Street), only a couple of minutes walk from its previous location.

It is on the right hand side when walking from Yi'eryi street.

Coordinates: 25.053672,102.699107