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Have a look at the Yunda English department site: most of the faculty only has an MA.

@OP If you don't have a degree, just go online and search for (Whatever you like but don't get to carried away) BA Diploma," Photoshop it, and then fudge your resume. The people who run the school in question won't bother to follow up, and the nincompoops in the "related government bureau" wouldn't know how to check those credentials even if they wanted to.


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Getting Away: Sapa

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@Ocean For future reference, if you going to be sarcastic and cheeky in an attempt to look intelligent, be aware that citing Wikipedia in fact only serves to offer proof to one's own stupidity. Notice the article you cited now contains the following: "The word itself is derived the from Archaic Greek trekolos, referring to the flight of one group of people from their polis during outbreaks of venereal disease over a large uninhabited area or wilderness." A child can edit Wikipedia, and only children consider it a reliable source of knowledge.

If you want to impress people with your obviously considerable intelligence and vast knowledge of etymology, start by quoting something reliable like the OED.


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