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My daughter has a scholarship and a Letter of Invitation to study Chinese at a public uni. here in Henan. I teach at the same university on a Z visa. She is on a S2 visa now (multiple-entry) and is a U.S. citizen, like me. Can she get her X1 in Hong Kong? Where should she go and aside from her passport and the Letter of Invitation what else would she need?

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In my travels, Baoshan (which has an airport) seemed to be the big commercial hub in the area followed be Dehong. However, Ruilin seemed a lot more 'happening' as a busy border town so maybe the name is associated with that? Apparently there was tons of gambling and 'other activities' going on openly until a cleanup a few years ago. When I went last summer it was very mellow and laid back.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Is there anyone with a drink problem?

Yes, fair enough. I myself would like to add that alcoholism isn't the only thing people are suffering. We need all the good social resources we can get. I really hope though that a person's decision to attend AA will be continent on your posts alone though! : )

I will say one thing just for everyone's information. Despite suspicions that AA is some kind of religious cult, AA members themselves are more often than agnostically bent than not and I've heard no one say they believe that AA itself was God. Bill Wilson was an atheist most of his and converted to Christianity but he did not think he was anything more than a drunk helping other drunks. He did consider getting sober a 'miracle' and I don't think that's inaccurate. I imagine, as the principle founder of AA he had a big ego, but I guess I would too if I did something that big.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Is there anyone with a drink problem?

It never ceases to amaze me how some people can go on angry rants, slander, and uncover conspiracies in organizations they know absolutely nothing about. You started the thread asking about it and one day later you 'know' all about it and are scaring away people with the capacity to judge for themselves. It seems to me that you are the control freak here. And being a non-alcoholic non-drinker, how could you possibly even relate? What this guy says about AA are a a lot of distortions he picked up off of people who had bad experiences. Are there 'controlling' people in AA? There are controlling people everywhere. You don't have to sit next to them or call them. If AA doesn't work for you you don't have to stay. 'There's the door' as they say. Alcoholics are some of the most willful people around; they are not particularly susceptible to being brainwashed or religion. They are usually intent on doing things their own way. Most want to regain control over their lives. AA works best for people who despite their mightiest efforts cannot control their drinking (usually a LOT of uncontrollable drinking, more than the average human should ever have to swallow) and whose drinking is destroying their lives perhaps leading to death, certainly a desperately lonely life leading to an early grave. There is nothing 'normal' or manageable about the way an alcoholic drinks. If you really want to see the effects of chronic alcoholism go to the hospitals and morgues and visit the the divorced or abandoned broken families. The Big Book as its known was not written for non-alcoholics (though their spouses would understand). If an alcoholic finds sobriety through AA or another rehab group then it is a celebration. ANYTHING is better than that kind of drinking and since you are not an alcoholic or a professional working with alcoholic I don't see how you are in a position to understand any of this. You're just a bully scaring off people who might actually need help. Who want a new life. From where I sit, I submit that your tirade has done far greater harm than good toward reaching out to those with an illness the pain and hopelessness of you obviously have no conception of whatsoever.


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I hardly ever believe statistics like these. If you compare mean annual income a family with only one child (not two or three!) would have to be earning at the very leas 2 m. yuan to provide for the education of the child, meet a mortgage, and pay for other 'necessities' like an automobile. I tend to think stats like this are a matter of civic pride and reflect the lifestyles of Nuevo Riche, not the masses.


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