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Forums > Living in Kunming > owners association?

As JanJal mentioned the Maintenance Company is often the same or linked to the Project Developer. Doing a proper job as Maintenance Company gives thus more shine to the developer and heightens the value of the projects they are developing right now and still have to sell.

Our Project Developer however went bankrupt leaving a total mess behind.

That included the 10,000 RMB per sold unit which they collected for future maintenance on every sale (In itself a normal and lawful practise). These millions have gone. Only recently the law is changed that these funds have to be in an account not connected to the Project Developer but for us this came too late.

Our situation is not unique. Many Project Developers went under. Other Project Developers (Like Vanke) see maintenance as a grow market and are willing to take over maintenance work. Seven companies bid for our contract and five out of them look quite good.

One other thing Fabey mentioned. WeChat groups. Be aware that maintenance companies run WeChat groups as well. In our case they infiltrated the group of the owners committee and crippled it with spam.

Forums > Living in Kunming > owners association?

You have to differentiate between the owners association or residence committee and the management company. The latter is responsible for maintenance, cleaning, garbage handling, public spaces, gardening and security etc. These are commercial companies that are financed by the maintenance fee the residents have to pay. Like so many things there are the good, the bad and the ugly and everything in between.
The original project developer will have hired such a company and if you are lucky you have a good one. These companies are responsible to the residence committee. And as long as there is no Residence Committee they basically can do whatever they like. A residence committee is a legal body and quite a bit more that a WeChat group. Election of the residence committee goes under rules and regulations of the local Street Committee. Organising an official Residence Committee is not easy. It took us years to do so and our maintenance company that went from good too bad to ugly did everything in its power and way beyond that to stop this from happening. In the end the Major Office had to be involved to stop their obstruction and intimidation.
We are now in the ugly phase; the present maintenance company started collecting maintenance fees for next year while their contract runs out at the end of this month. There are signs of asset stripping and maintenance work hardly takes place at the moment.
All good staff left about three years ago when they were replaced because their work was given to a third part contractor who pays staff well below minimum wage.
Another way they made money was to rent out our public space as car parking and cars are now everywhere and parked in violation with the fire regulations which is something the maintenance company is itself responsible for.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Stocking up on food, recommendation

This is a general recommendation that was done to cover possible supply problems that could be caused by Covid restrictions, flooding and other natural disasters and electricity supply brakes.

This after they noticed that the general public relies nowadays on a steady flow of products from shops and does not have any stock at home anymore like it used to be. And therefore any supply disruption straight away leads to a problem.

Warning: stocks in freezers and fridges are affected by electricity supply brakes as well.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Rockslide at Xishan Mountain

There is now road information posted on the Xishan side of the dam across the lake to Haigeng Daba.

It states:
From November till March (During the Seagull season) and on public holidays the road will be one way traffic between 9:00 and 18:00. This applies to cars, not to bicycles.

To be clear: one can come across the dam by car from Haigeng Daba to Xishan but not back.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Rockslide at Xishan Mountain

The road is open again. Mind you now that area is completely blocked by holiday traffic. One way traffic across the dam this afternoon (From east to west allowed). I don’t know if they let cyclers through in both directions.


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With the limited amount of taxis in Kunming it is quite possible to make a living during non-rush-hour hours. I several times spend travel times exceeding at least twice the normal time during rush-hours. This means that more trips can be done during non-rush-hours thus the hourly income is higher (And the frustration lower) than during rush-hours. To remedy this a rush-hour surcharge could be introduced but then everybody would be complaining that things are to expensive.

This is the parking place of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Looks like it happened at night because during the day this parking is full of cars and busses. The road is on the left of the picture and must be closed off as well. Clearing this will take some time because one cannot push the debris just over the edge because there is the Tiger Leaping Gorge itself. Might be nice to have a second big stone laying in the middle of the stream but that rock is bit too large to move in one piece.

As usual in reports in the local press the numbers are wrong. The big rock in the middle alone is 30 cubic meters (compared to the buildings in the back). The debris must be chopped up and even blasted to smaller pieces and then carted off. Pity that these horrible plaster murals on the hillside have not been destroyed.


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