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Forums > Food & Drink > Anywhere selling wholemeal bread?

Just returned from Guilin with about a week's supply of wholemeal bread! Wondering if it's available here anywhere? Tried Wicker Basket, Metro and Carrefour, but no luck.

Any ideas? Or had we better get used to white?!


Forums > Food & Drink > Jiaozi restaurants

Can anyone tell me where to find a good jiaozi restaurant... where dipping sauces are provided (not just dumplings in a soup). Or if I should just try my luck and ask at the hoards of little gai fan/xi mian shops in the area?

We are on the Northside - Beijing Lu, near the train station.

Found such a place years ago, near the Green Lake, but long since forgotten where it was exactly!


Forums > Living in Kunming > quarantine for N1H1?

We arrived about 10 days ago, and were delayed in the plane for a few minutes while officials 'checked our temperatures'... we saw 2 men roaming the cabin, then they left. No obvious checking goiing on. There was a heat scanner thing on exit, just before immigration, but quite unobtrusive really.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone with young kids like to meet for a play?

Would anyone with little one(s) like to get together for a play one day during the week?

We have twin 4-year olds itching for some other English-speaking children to play with! They are social and finding the language barrier a bit tricky!

We live on the Northside, but willing to hop in a taxi and meet at a park, or anywhere suitable. We're free on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

My phone number is 15288466053, look forward to hearing from you!

Forums > Living in Kunming > AFL Grand Final in Kunming?

Does anyone know if the AFL Grand Final (Aussie Rules Football) is being shown anywhere in Kunming this coming Saturday?

Checked with Chapter One and the Camel Bar, no luck there.



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