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wow... It just amazes me that the this went on for 4 years without the local police once thinking to themselves to maybe check the former convicted killers home. Then in May it took an outside police force a matter of about 3 weeks to get to the bottom of it. I wonder how long the local police of the area would have let this go on before actually thinking about looking into the local killers house. In regards to the "molester" comment, yes you are absolutely right but I guarantee you as soon as it was found that a child was molested or missing where the convicted molester was living, that persons home would be checked on right away.



The teaching staff and admin staff is great I have loved all my teachers there over the years. I only give 3 stars as the principal is very difficult to deal with. As long as no financial issues have to be dealt with, this is a great school.


I love lost Garden, the food is great, the service is wonderful and all the staff have always been very kind and helpful. The rooms are very clean and comfortable as well. I'm very happy to see this addition to Kunming :)