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Forums > Living in Kunming > Electric moped license plate?

@12345 by moped I assume you mean something that runs on gas. You can't legally ride one inside the third ring road I believe.

If its a e-bike you want, with a blue plate try a used one.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Coloradans and guns

@ Geezer, but what's the population difference ?

and the murder rates :

Murder rates USA /per 100,000 = 4.2

murder rates China/ per 100,000 = 1.0


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Not as good as thought it would be.

The 'American breakfast" isn't and no matter how I tried I couldn't find any feta cheese in my wrap.
The bean bags are comfy though.


A good place for drinking, not very good food though. poor service and mediocre tasting.


Probably one of the best places in Kunming for good food, good ambiance, and good service.

The Shepards pie is is amazing (sorry Yanks I know that means nothing to you as its not a burger or pizza)

The staff are really friendly, service is great, food is good, it's well above the usual foreign bar/cafe/ restaurant standard in Kunming.