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Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone done the Hong Kong Z Visa Run RECENTLY?

A "Z visa" has to be processed at the Chinese embassy in the country your citizenship is in, eg your passport country now.
I tried to do it in the USA on a British passport, that was a "no go" had to use my US passport, a friend tried BK a month ago- failed, a work mate tried HK in June- FAILED.

The HK option was closed down a while ago.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Evaluation System for Foreign Language Expert

Sounds about right Tony.

The interesting thing will be to see how many private schools and teaching centers (those being the places that employ the unqualified teachers and illegals) have enough "Gungxi "to ignore it for long and how they will explain to the Dept of Education and foreign affairs dept that have 300 + students enrolled but only one teacher registered with them and who's taken the test.


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Not as good as thought it would be.

The 'American breakfast" isn't and no matter how I tried I couldn't find any feta cheese in my wrap.
The bean bags are comfy though.


A good place for drinking, not very good food though. poor service and mediocre tasting.


Probably one of the best places in Kunming for good food, good ambiance, and good service.

The Shepards pie is is amazing (sorry Yanks I know that means nothing to you as its not a burger or pizza)

The staff are really friendly, service is great, food is good, it's well above the usual foreign bar/cafe/ restaurant standard in Kunming.