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Forums > Living in Kunming > 2 year visa and renting an apartment

I'm considering a two year visa for a uk citizen which would mean leaving the country every 3 months. Does anyone have any experience of renting an apartment on this visa? Does it make a difference? I prefer directly renting from the landlord.

Forums > Living in Kunming > shooting gulls???

I think the articles that have been spreading on social media websites do carry an element of xenophobia. Yes, irresponsible behavior from the two men, but how many kids have bought similar toy guns and done the same thing? I'm not sure, because it's generally not reported in the media, but I'm sure many have. It's fine that people were worried and it's good to see the police dealt with it in a responsible way but I can't see why it was reported by the media. Whoever wrote it should have been aware of the significance a meaningless story would take on once published. That day, I saw re-posts from sina weibo with extra pictures of dead gulls (presumably dying of natural causes or landing on electric wires and unconnected to teh foreigners).

Many foreigners re-posted the story with or without the dead gulls. Often the post was apologetic: 'we're not all evil', 'I'll hunt them down' etc.

I can't see how this doesn't send a message of xenophobia. Shouldn't we be condemning the articles as trashy and the overreaction to a poor joke as either a misjudgement or prejudice?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Social football

Kunming FC. Play wednesday evenings 5 a side and Weekends 11 a side. PM your wechat, you can join the chat group for events etc


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I agree that the government manages water resources badly. But there is a complete lack of awareness from most people (not just in China) that water is a resource that has to be processed and is valuable. I have noticed people taking half an hour+ showers, washing their cars and using way too much water for washing the dishes. You can be certain that the richer families in the richers areas proportionaely use far much water than the older Xiaoqus.

Plus, imagine the loss of face cruising in a dusty BMW..



Went with my girlffriend the other thinking that the pho wouldn't be so authentic. We were both surprised that it really was like Vietnamese pho and with generous amount of beef. Large bowl 25kuai. Another plus is that the place has a really great designand feel to it.