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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Is there a scheduled bus service from Gongshan to Deqin?

Anyone know if this road has been finished. On Amap it seems to still be closed but thought I'd ask just in case. Also if possible I'd rather trek a few days from Deqin over to Bingzhongluo rather than take the huge detour round to Baoshan and then Liuku and then have to go back that way as well.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Residence permit.


Are there any catches when it comes to getting a Z visa from another city but living in Kunming. Most of my work would be online so it makes little difference as to which city i am living in. I prefer kunming but i have a feeling there is a rule against doing this. Surely the residence permit must be in the same location as the employer? Or that not important?

E.g i have a work visa from Guangzhou. But i want to work and live in Kunming. Where should the residence permit be registered and id it allowed?

Forums > Living in Kunming > 2 year visa and renting an apartment

@janjal the 2 year visas offered to UK residents are business or tourist. In the past I had a work visa and therefore a residency permit so there was never an issue registering with thr PSB (which I am always called out on if I don't do it voluntarily, contrary to what other people have experienced)

I know the landlord doesn't care as they've got their money but does the PSB?. I should have made that clearer in the OP. Many apologies


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Visited yesterday. The atmosphere was a little frosty towards foreigners after covid. But still some lovely people there. Sadly the figures guarding the monk's tomb were stolen two years ago. One of the tombs was prised open so I presume both were looted. It's the furthest site to walk to from the town as well so maybe not worth it :(

I have no problem with cutting back the trees for better growth but the trees on my street and many in Wuhua are now being dug up (roots cut off i.e killed) and bags of earth left for the tree that will replace it. These are tree that have new shoots. Seems very illogical and money/time-wasting. Surely either a big mistake in management or someone is making a big profit on the new trees at the people's expense

I am no expert on plants and trees but it's fairly common that things die in winter and magically grow back in spring. I was very surprised to see the extent of the cutting back of the trees. But now all is clear.

Today i saw some of the remaining trees in the centre being not only cut back, but then uprooted and taken away. The irony is that they spent such a long time messing round with the trees after the winter and now Spring has arrived most remaining trees are sprouting new shoots. By Summer they'd be fine.

However when someone sees an opportunity to waste funds and fill their own pockets contracts for new trees are drawn up quickly.

Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions but I see no other reason why this is being done.

1 - normal bus journey
2 - normal bus journey+unnecessary air-con
3 - normal bus journey+unnecessary air-con+unnecessary Wi-fi

No real difference to most foreigners/well-off Chinese but the average worker really gets screwed.

Year of the Monkey

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I've never met a Chinese person who knows the 'animal race' story. Is it just a Western reinterpretation of the story? If not., why do very few Chinese people know it?


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