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I would be interested in hearing from any of you American men who's wife successfully obtained a tourist visa to travel to Europe with you. Meaning no disrespect but I'm not interested in second or third hand accounts. I see enough of those posted on the web. I really need to hear from some one who has actually succeeded at this. Thanks for your input in advance.


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A group of four of us (two Chinese and two Americans) decided to try this restaurant as we'd heard so much good about it. "What a fantastically dreadful place", my only response. One of our Chinese partner's pasta came with the "complimentary two inch human hair gracing the top of her plate". When she pointed it out to the server he called the manager over who reached in with her fingers, removed the hair then walked away. When my friend protested the manager became demonstrably annoyed (poor thing had her wine drinking and smoking interrupted) and finally provided a new plate (we think) of pasta for her.
So where was the owner of this establishment? Give this place a pass, stay home and make your own pasta. You'll be much happier. The food is very common and the service is atrocious. I give it one year max before it's out of business.