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Forums > Living in Kunming > Laowai in Beijing trys to rape girl...

Dude, are you serious?

Seems to me that what you are doing here is part of the problem. "Laowai" are not some new species of exotic animal, they are just people.Immigrants, tourists, foreign workers, and so on. That they are not locals is no fault of their own, and has nothing to do with being drunk rapists.

What you are proposing with this is really ugly. A suitable analogy might be something like the kind of internalized,reverse racism from the old days of the USA- "uncle tom" is the term, I think.

People are raped in Beijing and other cities in this world every day or every week, by every kind of person. It doesn't matter really where that person is from at all. Rape, not foreignness, is the problem. Why don't you write about that?

How many times does it need to be said, you are not responsible for other peoples' prejudices, and that includes the possible prejudices of certain Chinese nationals against whoever. If you are not doing bad things to people, no one has a right to come down on you for your skin color, 1st language, nationality, or what have you.

And most Chinese nationals get that, and therefore won't be prejudiced against you because of some drunk rapist in Beijing. And if they are, you should put them in their place, not apologize or call for harsher punishments for non Chinese. Are you a drunk rapist?
My guess is no. Have their been violent pogroms against laowai in china lately, with an event like this being the spark that could set of a powder keg? Again, no. So this has nothing to do with you or me.

Ironically, by acting the diplomat, you are adding to the divide that you are worrying about . Please stop.

Forums > Food & Drink > Restaurants you 'love to hate'

Manna, Salvador's, The Box, The Indian place on Wen Hua Xiang.

Manna's food tastes fine but got the runs every time I went there. I have been in China a long time, and rarely get diarrhea anymore. But both Manna and that Indian place are surefire ways to get a wet bathroom run.

Salvador's has some of the friendliest servers and most edible western food in Kunming. Not quite gourmet, but what do you want, this is Kunming. You can't deny that the customer service is also really good. If they really mess up, they wont ask you to pay. I also think they treat their workers better than most places, relatively speaking (not a very high standard in KM).

But, I don't want to hear about it. I can't stomach the whole "capitalism with a human face" sales pitch. It is a shit job, and maybe that is nobody's fault, but why not just have the stomach to own up to it? I know why. Because "community friendly" exploitation and "green business" are all the rage- and a niche market. As if restaurants or shopping of any kind is some kind of solution to global problems. C'mon are we kids here? It's just a restaurant.

On that level, I would almost prefer to eat at a normal Chinese restaurant where they don't give a shit and they don't pretend to be doing their part to make the world a better place.

The workers at the Box have always been really kind to me. They have plenty of good desserts and drinks too. I would probably volunteer there for free for a day (but hit on every cute female customer) if they asked me too. That is the love part.

But I have had the sorriest dinner food of all time there. I once ate a burger that I swear was wet mud spread onto a bun. And it fell apart like Mud would as well. I can't say I am angry about it, its good for a laugh, there you have my hate towards that burger!
So, I love to avoid actually ordering anything that is not a beer or a dessert.
There are other places, not expat spots at all, but I think they really aren't well known enough to gokm readers to mention. I will say that the very big on Jiaoling Lu BBQ/gaifan place, the only 2 story one that is open very late, is extremely unfriendly. Not saying don't eat there, but don't expect to make any friends while you're at it.

KFC is really great, because if you want to lose weight and save time and money, just walk in the front door: you won't be hungry at all anymore after that nasty odor wafts over your olfactory system for about 2 seconds. No need to eat. Voila, then, out you go, and on your bike. I should market this as a weight loss system.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for Guo Zi

If you know a woman named Guo Zi, who teaches design at the university, please have her contact me. I lost her phone number.
She can contact me at 1878704288four. Thanks.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Medical massage

Hey I know some OK normal massage parlors around town, but does anyone know of a highly trained doctor of massage/bodywork?
I am sure the hospitals have some, but I am not usually free during hospital hours. So I am looking for someone in private practice who is a real wizard.


No results found.




This place was ok by wen lin jie standards. Better food and service than French Cafe, for sure. It changed owners and the staff all left for greener pastures. Who can blame them? It went down hill in every realm. The staff saw the writing on the wall, you should too.


This place has a pretty cool interior, and good sound system. Venue-wise, one of the best places in Kunming.

The service is a bit slow, but I think that is a GOOD thing, this is not KFC.

The only bad thing I can say is that it can be unfriendly. And maybe that is not bad, at least it is honest.

The first times I went there, I got some unfriendly stares from staff, and no greetings. Later, no more unfriendly stares, but always pretty cold, no greetings at all, and just kind of a bit unfriendly from the staff and some of the regulars. I know this is China, but I would say Laba goes another step in the coldness department. The truth is, I don't really mind that, and if you don't, then you will probably like this bar.