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Forums > Study > New DJ School in Kunming!

This is the class that pays for its own tuition in only a night or two of putting your new skills to use!

Uprock owner DJ Shonny and Uprock performer DJ Echoo have opened up a new DJ school to teach Kunmingers how to mix their own tunes.

Lesson options will include either learning how to mix CDs, learning how to mix and scratch with vinyl records, or both!

Lessons will be held at Uprock, and you will have two professional DJs guiding you.

DJ Shonny has more than 10 years of experience as a professional DJ, playing at clubs all across China, and DJ Echoo has been scratching vinyls for over 5 years.

Lessons will be held 3 times a week, two hours per lesson, with flexible class scheduling. Classes will be held with only one or two students, so you will get all personal attention! Also, lessons can be given in either English or Chinese.

DJ Shonny also runs a artist management, party planning and DJ booking company, so after you start to master the mixing tables he can make sure you get the opportunity to get into clubs and start showing off your new skills!

Call with questions or to get tuition information:
15808815075 (En)
13888001195 (Ch)

Forums > Food & Drink > CARGO CLUB

honestly, i've never felt upset about getting ripped off at markets, i know that's just the way it is. we are all guests in this country, and i know that we guests are generally assumed to be quite affluent, even when we aren't. (as is my own case) i've never felt angry about it, i just accept the inevitable. do you guys feel upset about it?
also, i wasn't trying to say that us getting ripped off is the reason for this promotion, that we're doing this BECAUSE foriegners get ripped off. that wasn't my meaning at all. i was mentioning that these were the thoughts in my head as i was writing the ad up, reflecting on the whole matter after i had already been given my assignment.

lmk-you have very valid points, but isn't likening this promotion to 'chinese and dogs not allowed' a bit extreme? the whole point of this was to bring foriegners and chinese together in a party setting, not to exclude people on the basis of nationality. we wanted to encourage more mixing and mingling between chinese and foreigners through this, and try to develop a new option for kunming's expats.

this all seems like a classic case of 'shooting the messenger.' i was just doing my job.

and if everyone reads the ad, its clear that the promotion is not resticted to foreigners.

Forums > Food & Drink > CARGO CLUB

who knew this promotion would set off such a heated debate, that it would bring up so many heavy controversial issues?? Its great though! This is some good discussion....

As i was writing this event up it couldn't escape me that there is something glaringly questionable about so directly stating that this offer was directed at foreigners. i had to brush it aside, though, because this was what the owner (who is chinese) had wanted, and because after an internal debate i mentally justified it to myself.

i decided that these types of inequities generally tend to balance themselves out in the end.....i get ripped off when i buy stuff at the market, i get taxi drivers who attempt to take me on the 'scenic route' to my destination, and i have to deal with people staring, pointing, shouting hello or sneakily try to take my picture on a daily basis. but in return, as a matter of 'face' my chinese friends refuse to ever let me pay for dinner, and when i go into bars, random strangers invite me over to have a few drinks with them...solely because i am a foreigner. but my experience at bars has been great fun because of this! i've met some fun people this way, and made new friends.

i know its unfair that a group of chinese people (generally a mix of guys and girls) treat me to drinks simply because i am white, but it doesn't really matter because we all enjoy it. they have a good time chatting with the mysterious foreigner, i have fun meeting new people and practicing my chinese.

we weren't trying to be anti-chinese with this at all, we are just aware that foreigners genereally do not spend any money in kundu anyway, and this seemed like the most direct way to get kunming's expats to come check out a new place. ultimately, we want to get people's input about the place, find out what people like and dislike.
the place has only been open for a two months, and we want to try to do some new things with the place. for example, we are lining up a few foreign singers and performers to come put on shows, as well as getting some of our friends who spin things besides just techno to come dj.

if anyone has any suggestions, we want to hear them!

Forums > Food & Drink > CARGO CLUB

I would like to add too that even on the night of the menage a trois party, the free drinks were not handed out only to foreigners. The emphasis was on the front dance floor and table area, anyone who was sitting there got free beer.
However, I apologize again for the misunderstanding.

and just ladies nite offers count as discrimination?


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