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Forums > Travel Yunnan > High-speed train from Kunming to Dali

This will be from the new south station then, instead of from the old central station from now on? For those who don't live in Chenggong, it is almost a long distance journey to get to the long distance station! Still, the high speed of the rail journey still will make it an overall shorter trip.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Driving to Chiang Mai, Thailand

i think the rule was that if you drive and enter Thailand, you are only permitted to drive in the province that you enter. So it might still work for Chiang Mai, but need to check.


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Leshan steam train is also narrow gauge? It would be cool to try that one too.

To get to Kunming Bei to catch the metre gauge cost me 1 kuai for a 20 min bus ride - how long will it take to get to Leshan?
Although yesterday afternoon my family turned up at the station to discover the afternoon run is closed for some sort of refit. The morning run was not mentioned as closed.


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