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No need to look to far for good wine and imported Australien Beef in Kunming. There is a place near Dian Chi Lake. Adress is 12-3 Saigon Harbour, Dianchi Road, Kunming 650228. The guys there are really friendly, can speak English and have a good selection of Red Wines from Australia,Italy, France and Chile. For Beef lovers they also have good quality imported beef at a reasonable pirce. Check it out.


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I predict that Chinas turn for the World Cup will be in 2026. Until then their National Team will hopefully be less corrupt. (I mean: out of 1.3 billion people they can't find 11 good players....??) So far the only things they copied from other countries football leagues is the spitting, complaining and the "rolling endlessly on the ground" after a foul. However, I am confident that China will have a competitive team by 2026!

Hei Philou,
What does the advertisement for this so called Ecotourism travel company has to do with the article? What alternatives do you actually offer in relation to the topic? Maybe we should start a discussion about what the currently so popular words Ecotourism and Ecolodges mean in the first place. As a Ecotourism Company you should actually be in favour of entrance/preservation fees!

I had to wait for 7 hours for a flight from Kunming to Lijiang with Shanghai Airlines 2 month ago. The official explanation was also "due to bad weather". My friend who waited for me in Lijiang confirmed me that the weather was perfetly fine in Lijiang at the time. Therefore it was a lie. From the Shanghai Airlines staff was nobody around - no information, no food - nothing. Only when the people started to beat up the poor guy behind the small desk at the gate, somebody from the Management (or so it seemed) showed up and some food was served. A kind of an "interesting" experience for a foreigner....



I love that place! Their food selection is getting better and better. Today they had a great selection of different cheeses. Ok, I could not buy them all but the one I did buy was really delicious. There is also a choice of cold cuts, ham, bacon and imported steaks....Hope they can get more of these Christmas cookies! 5 Stars!


What happened to that place? Went there quite regularly in the past for their Amber Beer and a Burger. Went there last week again. The Amber they did not have available and the burger was – lets put it nice – disgusting! I ordered a Cheeseburger. After 30 Minutes I reminded the "waiter" about my "missing" Cheeseburger. Another 15 Minutes later I got a Burger with no Cheese but with cold fries and a huge leaf of lettuce almost the size of the plate. (Seems to me that the oversized leaf of lettuce was to camouflage the fact that there was no cheese available). The Burger went back to the kitchen. After one minute (!) I got the same burger with the same cold fries......but they added a scoop of deep-frozen kind of thing they call cheese on top......sorry guys- but never again. Not even for your life music or the Amber.


I love that place. But what is preventing them to have that delicius bread ready every day at about the same time? Seems to be different every day. Went there 4 times in a row and came back empty handed everytime.....(went to French Cafe instead). Yesterday I asked the girl WHEN the bread will be ready and she said she didn't now. There is a thing called A TELEPHONE where one could actually call the boss and ask..... I'll try one last time though.


Had lunch at the Cacao Mexican Restaurant the other day. I was pleasantly surprised! Friendly service (the Chinese staff even speaks a bit English), nice, big terrace with outdoor seating. Good atmosphere. The only drawback is that the food was a bit "boring". From Mexican Food one would expect a bit more "fire" and spices. They would need to "spice up" in order to attract the local crowd. But over all it was a pleasant experience and a place to go back.


I agree entirely with prd34. I stayed there for one night only, and that was enough. The rooms are very damp and cold. Furthermore the quality of food they serve can be improved. Really nothing special. The staff was helpful and friendly but we could not get a smile off the owner's face.