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Forums > Living in Kunming > Is Kundu safe?

kundu's very safe. I'm a frequent kundu goer (almost 3-4 nights a week) and it always depends on who your with and how smart you are. even if your drunk. if your going to kundu to act tough an pick fights, you'll either end up dead or beaten and you'll give bad names to other foreigners who just wants to have a good time there.
I go there just to talk to new people,dance and of course hook up with women. I've had three girls so far and they were all amazing and great people. You have to know that a lot of chinese guys there might have self-esteem issues around kundu 'cause there's a lot of booze and a lotta girls and a hella lotta guys lookin' for those girls. it's the old "i'm gonna act tough and the girls might be impressed with me"
don't fall into that stupid pride trap.
go there and have fun until 4 in the morning when all the girls are drunk and ready to open themselves up more and mingle . if you chat them up at 11 or midnight they still be stuck up their ass

don't lose temper. besides, true authority never yells.


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