Kunming Huayang Academy for Language and Culture
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Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture • 5/F, Block A, Fuchun Building, 218 Dongfeng Lu



● Founded in 1999, Kunming College of Eastern Language is the largest and most established Chinese language schools in Yunnan. Over 18 years’ experiences, WE KNOW HOW TO HELP YOU LEARN!

● KCEL has not only been honored as the best mandarin school on Go Kunming website, it also serves as the training base for International Chinese teachers in Hanban, those who are professional and talented ensure our teaching of high quality. Teachers in KCEL have good command of Mandarin, and they can speak English fluently, there are weekly teaching training courses for them at the same time. KCEL is a campus worth trusting as the World Bank, UNESCO and New Zealand embassy all appointed KCEL to teach their staff Chinese.
● There are four campuses you may choose.The main school is located in the centre.Beichen campus is located in the north.West campus is located in the west.So no matter where you live,KCEL is always close to you.You can choose where to study freely according to your own travel。
● KCEL downtown campus is over 20,000 sq.ft., including a common room with free internet, billiards, Ping-Pong table, a cafeteria, bookshelves,and 38 classrooms. KCEL is located at the heart of Kunming downtown, minutes of walk from bus/subway station,KCEL is surrounded with restaurants,coffee bars and the largest CUIHU park across the street.Nan Ping street, the largest shopping district in Kunming is also a short walk away.

● Kunming College of Eastern Language coordinates advanced Learning programs with well-known Universities throughout China. International students who have studied Mandarin and successfully completed the HSK examination will be recommended to these universities to study for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or a PHD.
● Every term we will give excellent students scholarship from 300 to 1000 yuan, meanwhile there are other discounts, and the tuition fee can be very cheap at 2700 yuan each term considering kinds of discounts.


● Add our WeChat (kmkcel) to ask for a student’s visa application form or use the following website (http://www.learnchineseinkunming.com )to obtain the necessary form which should be filled in, with your Passport front page(Must be complete) sent back to the office by Wechat or E-mail:(east_school@hotmail.com).
● Pay the registration fee 300RMB, insurance premium 200RMB.
● Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture will go through the formalities of the JW202 and post back the authorized JW202 form and the letter of acceptance to you.
● Please go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate which is nearest to you with the letter of acceptance, JW202 form to apply for a student visa (X visa) and then come to our school to register upon arrival.
● If there is no need for KCEL to provide student visa service,You can also hold a tourist visa or visit visa, business visa to the school.


● All students will have a Chinese language test before they study in our college. Our college will seek to ensure every student’s HSK level will rise one or two grades after taking Chinese language training courses for one semester.

●KCEL offers a variety of Chinese classes, a flexible schedule and mind-refreshing trips and language social activities.

●An experienced bilingual tutor will be arranged for each student to help resolve any difficulties and to offer study guidance.
● We help you to solve the lodging problem
● Free coffee and drinks,Free table tennis table, billiard hall,KTV
● Airport pick-up


●Basic Chinese language


●Business Chinese &pop Chinese for Tourism

●Ancient Chinese (elective courses)

●Special subject lectures on Chinese culture (elective courses)
●Chinese culture skills training (elective courses)
●Chinese ethnic languages (elective courses)
●Social survey : Arrangement for students to use Mandarin and research Chinese culture within specific social units, etc.


Our small class(5-12persons) :10 hours/week, 4500RMB/person/20 wk.semester, and we have one to one class, International students can also make their own decisions concerning how many hours they would like to study and pay tuition according to the teaching hours RMB85/hour (one-to-one) or RMB35/hour(small class).
The teaching methodology, curriculum, class time etc, can be arranged according to students’ requirements. If students are dissatisfied with a teacher or teaching methodology, a new teacher will be arranged and methodology adjusted accordingly.


●We offer Student apartment(1600RMB/person/20wk.semester)、 Standard room and Home-stay with Chinese family(120RMB/person/day),Students with these two kinds of accommodations need to inform school through Wechat one month in advance.
●We can also help you rent a room around school, which has private bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom, the price varies from 1800 to 2800RMB/month depending on the area of the house. You can choose to have a roommate or not.
For more information visit school website (http://www.learnchineseinkunming.com ) or contact us by Wechat (kmkcel)



The teaching staff and admin staff is great I have loved all my teachers there over the years. I only give 3 stars as the principal is very difficult to deal with. As long as no financial issues have to be dealt with, this is a great school.


Was able to meet with the principle and two of the teachers when I visited, and saw the facilities. While it felt more like a community center, there are a great amount of classes and schedules to choose from, and friendly teachers to boot. Plenty of laowai around. Plan on taking my classes here.


Beware of those "free" classes being advertised. Last year when I was a student there, a few weeks into the semester, they changed their tune and decided to charge for the previously "free" class. We either had to pay or or drop out. It's sad how obviously cheap and greedy the management (laoban) is.


I was promised I could take the classes I wanted at the west campus in July, but come August they wouldn't let me attend the classes I wanted. They forced me to pay tuition saying the police would send me home otherwise. Never arranged classes. Have so far refused to refund my tuition in August, October, and December. I finally changed schools in October after not having a single class. The reason for not refunding my tuition? I have no idea, they have only stated that the director responsible has been fired for it. Is that even legal?