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Hello,This "de" is not a particle as usuall,it is used for a grammar "",In chinese,if we want to emphasize something we will use this.
zhè běn shū shì wǒ zuó tiān mǎi de.This sentence want to emphasize "wo zuo tian mai".For example,"the ben shu shi wo de" want to emphasize this book is mine not others'.Hope can help you!

-Dali college of Eastern language
Teacher Quan


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KCEL is a very good school.
The teachers here are very professional and they helped me pass the HSK4 exam in a short time.
I have chosen listening and speaking classes and comprehensive classes here, and I have a very happy time with my teachers every day. I really appreciate my teachers, they help you a lot.
The school also provides coffee and tea daily, as well as snacks.
There are also activities during the festival.
I am looking forward to Christmas patry coming soon.
So I highly recommend it if you want to learn Chinese and you don't like traditional, boring classes. KCEL is your best choice.