Ananas (Anshe), is located in the old site of Boluo Village in Kunming. The name is derived from the homophonic of “pineapple” (in Chinese, the Pinyin for pineapple is “Boluo”).

From the moment of birth, Ananas (Anshe) is determined to take the meaning of and root with pineapple. Therefore, from the very beginning, all the designs of Ananas (Anshe) has been inspired by this tropical fruit, taking its lightness and fun, vigorous vitality, good external and internal qualities, full of naturalism and vitality. Enjoy Every Present, enjoy every present gifted in Ananas (Anshe).

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  • Namethe Ananas Hotel
  • Address32 Chuanjin Lu, Panlong District, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65630068
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