1. Car Service and Maintenance
2. Painting & Body Works
3. Oil and Filter Change
4. MOT service

English speaking staff and walk-in service.

All staff will adhere to strict sanitizing protocols and social distancing.

We worked with the insurance company to repair your car faster than expected.

7 DAY/24 HOUR Online Service
8:30am - 19:30pm Work time

WeChat:+86 182 1385 7770

Listing info
  • NameKunming Car King Auto Service
  • Address550 Changshou Lu, Panlong, Kunming
  • MOBILE182 1385 7770
  • Phone(0871) 6352 1976
  • Hours8:30am-19:30pm
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Kunming Car King Auto Service • 550 Changshou Lu, Panlong

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