New Humdinger location right next to Tusheng Shiguan and Ray Bar.

We also have a new bar near Wenlin Jie

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  • NameHumdinger (Jinding location)
    玩啤精酿餐吧 (金鼎)
  • AddressArea C, Jinding 1919 Culture and Creative Park, Kunming
  • Hours5:30pm-late
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Humdinger (Jinding location) • Area C, Jinding 1919 Culture and Creative Park

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The beer is just so good. 13 to 14 different kinds of the beer on the menu everyday. Beef pizza is delicious as always. And the store is spacious. Also there is a projector that you can use, its good to invite a few friends of yours to get together to watch a moive or somthing, you name it.