Hotpot restaurant with good vegetarian options

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  • NameWang Dao Hotpot
  • AddressWenhua Xiang 76-8, Kunming
  • MOBILE13888877731
  • Hours9:00am - 10:30pm
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Wang Dao Hotpot • Wenhua Xiang 76-8

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I forgot about this little place for many years, but the other day I was in the mood for hotpot and decided to take a look at the menu. Being vegetarian I was under the impression that they wouldn't have much in the way of veggie options but to my delight they have a veggie set meal and many good options which you can order individually. I feel silly for not having checked earlier. Of course much of the menu has meat options and you can get the split hotpot bowl so everyone can have what they want. I'll definitely be adding this into the rotation. Nice little option right in Wen Hua Xiang.