Healing food cafe and lifestyle shop. We help people to stay away from refined and artificial flavors and to love real food.

We also serve : nutrition classes, premium food catering, and personal exhibitions.

Directions: when you enter the shopping mall take the escalator to the second floor. Walk across to the other escalator to go the third floor and you have arrived at Lazy Birds! Alternatively you can take the elevator (on your right as you enter the shopping mall)

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  • NameLazy Birds Cafe & Lifestyle Shop
  • Address488 Baiyun Lu, Shengdu Shopping Mall, 3rd floor, Kunming
  • MOBILE18087867224, 087163210650
  • Hours11:30am-9pm (last orders at 8pm)
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Lazy Birds Cafe & Lifestyle Shop • 488 Baiyun Lu, Shengdu Shopping Mall, 3rd floor

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This is a special place! A bit hard to find since it's tucked away in an upper floor of a shopping mall, but well worth it for the amazing food. The focus is on quality, health and well-being and the extensive organic menu has something for everyone, including juices, good coffee, a lot of vegetarian and gluten free options. Nicole (one of the owners) is a wonderful host, she speaks English and is happy to talk about the philosophy behind the menu.