A Zen Buddhist Temple nestled in the lovely mountains near Fumin.

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  • NameQingshou Temple
  • AddressBehind Damailong Village, northeast of Fumin, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68831777
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Qingshou Temple • Behind Damailong Village, northeast of Fumin

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The temple is open to people who are interested in Buddhism. There are few tourists. You can stay and eat in the temple, or you can volunteer to help in the kitchen and garden. They also offer a Buddhism studies course.

If you want to stay, eat or study there, make sure you call before you go. Everything is free, but you can't waste things and you should not talk to others if they are studying the course.

Take a bus from Kunming's Northwest Bus station to Fumin bus station and then a find bus heading to the temple. The total time you will spend on the road is around one and half hours.