We organize Mixed Martial Arts / Catch wrestling / Brazilian jiu-jitsu / Submission grappling classes in downtown Kunming.

With over 32 years of high-level competition and coaching background in wrestling, BJJ and MMA, we're now officially opening our third training center in China. We have 2 head instructors (black belt), both of which are national champions in their respective countries, thus high level instructions is guaranteed.

We cover all levels, so classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced grapplers and fighters. There's no pre-requisite on experience, age or gender. Girls are also highly welcomed.

Class Times:
Mon, Wed, Fri: 19:30 - 21:30

Club Membership:
Monthly: 500 yuan / month
Half yr: 400 yuan / month
Annual: 300 yuan / month

For further information, please contact us directly. Phone/WeChat: 150 8705 2013

PS. we also attend submission grappling and MMA competitions in China on a regular basis, so if you're interested in serious training, please let us know.

Listing info
  • NameChina Catch Wrestling and BJJ
  • Address103 Taoyuan Jie, 3rd floor of Panlong swimming pool complex, nearby Jiaosanqiao Metro Station, Kunming
  • MOBILE15087052013
  • HoursMon / Wed / Fri: 7:30-9:30 pm
    周一三五:晚上 7:30-9:30
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China Catch Wrestling and BJJ • 103 Taoyuan Jie, 3rd floor of Panlong swimming pool complex, nearby Jiaosanqiao Metro Station

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I was in Kunming for only two weeks and discovered CCW through this listing. I called the number here and was greeted by Bagher, an amazing instructor who was incredibly welcoming during my few days in town. I attended two amateur catch wrestling classes where Bagher was very enthusiastic and passionate enough to teach me so much theory and technique during class. Truly a pleasure to train with the group, I had a great time here. Bagher is so skillful and experienced. He provided great guidance in technique.


These MMA classes are literally the best martial arts training I have ever seen (anywhere) and it is the best place I found in Kunming! I learned soooo much more than I expected and I have always left training feeling amazing! The two coaches, Bagher and Lezan, are absolutely brilliant in what they do and how they do it, but most importantly - they are very patient with us and great at motivating us, and teaching us proper techniques. Because of them I fell in love with wrestling (and I'm a girl!) and learned techniques that are so very useful in many different situations. I highly recommend the club and the coaches - it's a great place with great people and atmosphere, and it comes with a lot of opportunities as well! I absolutely love the club!


Thoroughly enjoyed the classes; a great environment and vibe created by professional and patient coaches and supportive team mates (i liked the fact there were no "heroes" present; everyone is happy to help each other out).

I learned a lot since classes were predominantly focused on technical aspects with opportunities to spar. A bonus of being taught in English and Chinese also meant I could practise my Chinese too!

A big thank you to coaches Bagher and Lezan who were only too happy to explain the in depth reason behind each technique and share their experiences too! I'm only leaving as my studies have completed; would have loved to continue training here! The experience has inspired me to find another catch wrestling gym back home.

Highly recommend you give it a go!!


I entered this club as a BJJ purple belt, thinking that "All grappling = BJJ".

To be honest, I didn't know what 'Catch wrestling' was before entering the club. I quickly found out it is an older grappling system than BJJ, which in some ways felt more complete. The emphasis is more equally distributed between stand-up and ground grappling. It also has less restrictive rule-set that BJJ, which I reckon would make it more suitable as a grappling base for MMA. Apparently the phrase "No Holds Barred" originate from Catch wrestling. Who knew? :)

Training sessions were highly technical; emphasizing more on technical aspects than relentless sparring. I was really impressed with the instructors there, especially the head coach. His knowledge of grappling is really profound. For every technique I thought I knew he taught so many new details on how to improve it further. Also, he was was teaching bunch of techniques I've never even seen in my life. On my first few rolling sessions I got submitted with some weirdest submissions, coming from the most unusual angles. It was crazy. And I totally loved it! Later I saw footage of the head instructor rolling with some BJJ black belts in Europe, and the guy was just killing it.

All in all it was an amazing experience. Gave me a lot of new material to bring back to the States to work on. Really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot guys. An easy five stars. OSS !


Wow! It's a pretty cool gym l have to say! There just was a mma fight event last weekend.The coach and teammate won a quick match!Another girl will have a MMA match next day,hope she can get a good KO also.You should join this cool gym you know,my bro.