A great shop with freshly roasted and unroasted coffee beans. From homegrown Catimor to 100% imported Kopi Luwak beans, we provide any roasting flavor beans of your choice.

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  • NameLanyard Coffee Shop
  • AddressB23-3-102 Beichen Xiaoqu, Beichen Bei Lu (Next to the tennis court and the Kindergarten), Kunming
    昆明北辰北路 北辰小区233单元102(北辰小区网球场旁 北辰幼儿园附近)
  • MOBILE13888106586 (Chinese), 13888634524 (English)
  • Hours10am-10pm
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Lanyard Coffee Shop • B23-3-102 Beichen Xiaoqu, Beichen Bei Lu (Next to the tennis court and the Kindergarten)

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The only place I've found in Kunming that has real expertly roasted specialty coffee from around the world. A bit expensive compared to the US, but still reasonable. Nice owner!


Very friendly owner who roasts the beans himself and knows his stuff. That place deserves a lot more publicity.


This one was actually a surprise.
The place is a bit hard to find but once here you will find a huge selection of coffe from all over the world.
Reccomended to real coffe lovers.


Never drink overpriced and mediocore coffee again, this is a place to pay for VALUED coffee beans and NOT fancy decorations.