General hospital in central Kunming.

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  • NameKunming Medical University Second Affiliated Hospital
  • Address112 Dianmian Dadao, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65351281
  • HoursDaily: 24 hours
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Kunming Medical University Second Affiliated Hospital • 112 Dianmian Dadao

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I ended up at ER and later in a private room at the cardio department with quite scary symptoms. My friend who speaks fluent Mandarin was with me when we checked into the ER which was great as I don't speak Chinese very well. They were very quick to test and remedy the immediate symptoms and kept monitoring me throughout. I felt safe and well looked after. A day later I had an English speaking cardiologist who kept me well updated on what was going to happen next with regards to tests and results. The nurses were also very helpful and kind. I got thoroughly tested and got a sound diagnosis. The toilets are pretty disgusting (no paper, no soap, not clean) so I was happy to have my own clean bathroom once I moved to the private room. Friends and family have to bring food and sundries and help with washing etc as the hospital doesn't provide this.


I went here with a serious by not life threatening injury. I was well taken care of and given a sound diagnosis. At the time the doctor sent me to get an MRI scan. There was no wait adn the cost was less than a tenth what I would have paid back home.