Community supported agriculture project featuring traditional Yunnan dishes made with non-certified organic food from small-hold farms around Qujing.

Nominated as best Chinese cuisine for seven straight years in the Best of Kunming voting. Winner 4 times, runner-up 3 times.

Rustic, homemade food always crated with natural, garden fresh ingredients .

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  • NameTusheng Shiguan
  • Address15 Jindingshan Lu, Loft Jinding 1919, area B, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 0871-65420010
  • HoursDaily: 9am-9pm
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Tusheng Shiguan • 15 Jindingshan Lu, Loft Jinding 1919, area B

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I've been eating here regularly for a year now and my opinion of it keeps getting better. The staff and owners are lovely welcoming people, and the food is excellent.

It's the only Chinese restaurant in Kunming where I can be confident that I'm not ingesting large amounts of agricultural poison along with my food.

Go there. Often.


I just had an amazing dinner there, maybe one of the best ones I had in Kunming so far!


The address listed here is incorrect— it's on Jindingshan Lu, not Bei Lu.

If that's not enough for your taxi driver, tell him that it's on the western end of Jindingshan Lu, and to ignore the street numbers, as they are not in any logical order.


Really lovely little place. Very friendly, and they grabbed one of the other customers who spoke English to help us order when we arrived. Their homemade dried tofu skin stir-fried with vegetables was really delicious as was their xiang chun (Chinese toon) when prepared cold.


My new favorite restaurant in town!

Everything I had so far was just great.