English Highway is a Kunming training school established in December, 2009. It is a language training school located in Xiaoximen, the commercial center of the city, and is adjacent to the scenic Green Lake Park. With excellent teachers, management, and attentive service, English Highway has built an excellent reputation in Kunming as a place where students of all ages can learn natural, fluent English from their starting point to their goal line. English Highway’s first goal is to open the students' interest in learning with a revolutionary, and a very simple and efficient way to learn: The Direct Method. This method turns the class into an uninterrupted oral quiz, forcing students to be constantly learning.

An energetic teacher will question the students, provide activities for them, and give them regular homework so the new material is learned and absorbed through a process of repetition and internalization that connects the various neurological pathways. We believe language is to be absorbed and internalized rather than memorized.


Using our method, students can:

◆ say farewell to “dumb English"

- Our classes often take the form of a rapid oral quiz which, in a short time, develops in the student a habit of quick response and allows them to grasp myriad questions and responses while skipping the steps of translating into Chinese, formulating an answer and responding in English.


◆ overcome shyness

- Quality teaching in small classes creates a classroom environment where each student will be given frequent opportunities respond to questions, work in pairs or small groups, perform for the class and become used to both teacher and peer feedback. This method is designed to push the students out of their comfort zones in the classroom so that they will be more ready to interact with English speakers in the greater world.


◆ overcome the fear of learning new vocabulary

- Words will be remembered in a sentence and in the correct in context. Learning vocabulary is to be a process of indexing new words to visual and kinesthetic scenes so that new words can easily be drawn upon.


◆ happily and easily master grammar

- From the most simple sentence structure to developing a deep knowledge of English the key to mastering grammar is repetition. Hearing grammatical structures used over and over again and being given the opportunity to use these patterns themselves means that the students do not need to have grammar rules lectured to them. Rather they can learn to speak naturally using the same method they used to learn their mother tongue.


◆ fall in love with learning English

- Interest is the best teacher. English Highway uses its unique Direct Method so that students can enhance their self-confidence, feel benefits of communicating in English, and of course have fun and the result being that they really love to learn English.

The English Highway mission is to build a natural and fluent English ability though the use of the Direct Method in which the learning of English mimics that of learning one’s mother tongue. Without standardized method and with our staff of professional, young foreign and Chinese teachers, we strive to prove a school in which we can accelerate the learning of all of our students. We expect vitality, courage to innovate and courage top both give at take feedback from our teachers. We believe these traits are the cornerstone of building a first-class team of teachers.

Welcome to English Highway! We hope you will enjoy learning English, making friends, and joining the world's conversation.

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  • NameEnglish Highway
  • Address288 Dongfeng Xi Lu, Room 6001 Dechun Telecom Building, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65308282
  • HoursTues-Sun: 8:30am-9:30pm
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English Highway • 288 Dongfeng Xi Lu, Room 6001 Dechun Telecom Building

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