Vegetarian restaurant with outdoor seating and river view

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  • NameXianghaiyue Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Address3/F Binjiang Mansion, Kunming
  • Phone13529009586
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Xianghaiyue Vegetarian Restaurant • 3/F Binjiang Mansion

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Xianghaiyue moved to an apartment building a few hundred meters from the old location. Now it can be found at 北京路交三桥摩玛大厦一期AA809 so it's actually in one of the small apartments on the 8th floor.

I have to say that of the two dishes I ordered one was really bland, though. I was soft white doufu with some nuts on it, that was supposed to be savoury. The other dish, mushroom "meat"balls was ok and the tastiest thing I had were some spring rolls the fuwuyuan asked me to try as they're not yet on the menu. Atmosphere isn't too great, everything seems to be somewhat provisional and prices are not cheap considering what you get. I paid over 40 kuai for two dishes.


The name of the restaurant is "Xianghaiyue Vegetarian Restaurant" but it's vegan. All the staff is vegan too.

And I agree is the best vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Kunming. I've been to all Kunming's 5 vegetarian restaurants and this one is definitely the best.

Soon the restaurant will have a menu with pictures of all the dishes.


Actually, it's the 香海月 (Xiang Hai Yue) 素餐馆, but this was the best vegetarian meal I've ever had. NowI'm not a committed vegetarian. At 375 pounds, I'm committed to taste, not health (Hey, we're all gonna die some way, some day, so you might as well die happy). But what I ate tonight was deceptively good. The staff custom mix plant materials to create dishes that are hard to discern from meat dishes. My 13 year old son was dreading the meal, but is really happy after the fact. The laoban allowed me to take home a copy of the menu. Prices range from 10 to 28. There were soups, sushi, cold and hot dishes, fried, stir-fried. A 4 year old Chinese boy in our company would go "Wow" with each dish that was brought out. I don't normally eat at fancy restaurants, nor do I review them (I normally eat street food), but I whole-heartedly (and with a full stomach) recommend the Xiang Hai Yue.

The particulars, the restaurant is located on the third floor of the 滨江大夏 on 青年路, across from the Yuantong Zoo. Enter from around the back and take the elevator to the third floor. Down the hall onto the open courtyard terrace. Simply Mahvelous!