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Mingtong Yinxiang Youth Hotel • 94 Mingtong Alley

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First it took the taxi driver quite a while to drive around as it's hidden in a side street off Beimen Jie. But the location isn't bad: 10 min walk off the lazy hang-outs on Wenlinjie (with a short cut through the east gate of Yunnan Uni). As often in China it took the staff half hour to check us in, with requesting our passports again at night and again after the check-in. Yes they have hot water, but you have to wait very long (up to 30 min at night!!!) and waste a lot of water in the meanwhile, which I specifically mention out cause they jump on the bandwagon of being green at least according to the Chinglish stickers in the bathroom. Staff wasn't very helpful when I asked them about the hot water prob, they were too lazy to get up or even reply, let alone that all the Q&A would be in Chinese, as they don't speak a word of any other language and don't bother. At first glance the rooms are clean, but next day there was a huge cockroach surfing on the wet bathroom floor. Rooms are tiny and remind you of bad days in Chungking Mansion in Hongkong. Really tiny (you can hardly move around in the half meter space between the wall and the bed), and the doubles are even smaller than the twins. All rooms have half transparent bathroom windows, which in terms of twins is a quite perverse idea. The rooms have no AC, but big flat-screen TVs, telephone and internet access. When you lift the curtains your view is limited by a fat white wall, and no it isn't the "Great" wall. The mattresses are really hard, too hard for me. I managed to break two new little shower parts just by turning it on and off, and one glass busted when filled with hot water. Also the ventilation in the bathroom doesn't really work, so in a couple of months it will be really moldy.
Other than that the hotel has no other whatsoever facilities, and no maps or other free info to help you getting around KMG. As even the lobby can only have 2 people seated at the same time it makes it really just a place for sleep, the shit/shower&shave and leave asap. I give it one star, because you feel like staying in a prison, there are better options for less money and for a bit more you get a room in real hotel like the Home Inn. Don't stay here unless every single room in Kunming is booked out and you happen to hold the Guinness world record for being the smallest person on the planet.


This hotel is in a fairly central location to Wenlin Jie which seems to be the place to be in Kunming if you're a foreigner, although it's a bit hard to find (look for the China Construction Bank and then head to the top of the hill). The staff are pleasant enough but not overly friendly. The fittings are all very new and clean, although they also happen to look very inexpensive which means they probably won't stay new and clean for very long, especially with the serious ventilation issues in the windowless bathrooms. Also the bathrooms are separated from the rooms by only a glass wall.