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  • NameBird Bar
  • Address22 Renmin Lu, Dali
  • Phone(0872) 2661843
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Bird Bar • 22 Renmin Lu



Happy Birthday Bird Bar!

For thirteen years now, Dali is a better place because of you.

The Bird Bar Cafe has also just opened across the street. We ate there the other night and it was awesome. They've got a chef there right now who put together the best Japanese set meal I've ever had in China. Had to order a day in advance though.


They've opened a cafe across the street that needs a listing... Bird Bar Cafe. Possibly the best-looking cafe in Dali, good coffee and food.


i don't know when the last time mojotolo was in the bird was, but the pool table's been gone for yonks... however, still my main place for eating and drinking in dali... their pizzas have improved dramatically and are almost comparable to stella's pies... i usually stay at the bird's nest behind the bar as it has a fantastic little courtyard and is a nice stumbling distance from the bar:)