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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Skiing in Yunnan???

and one more thing, hokaido, sounds good, but yuo'll wnt to skip the radiation from fkushima for now. imo, not worth getting cesium poisoning for a few sweet turns.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Skiing in Yunnan???

@colinflahive, you been to either hokaido or gulmarg? or nz?
@mamakwan, jsm looks like an icy ski out with tons of beginner tourists sliding on edges down the 'mountain' which is 1000m by 600m. unless there are bakcountry oportunities, it'll be icier than winnipeg in january.

For the real powpow, and real mtn riding, i'll get myself together and head out to bc, wyoming, oregon, colorado or the ultimate dream, alaska. nz sounds good but the best places are not covered by lifts, so unless you've got skins and can tough it, good luck. golmag, ever try arranging logistics in india? ln the meantime, boys and girls, i'm gonna watch that's it, that's all, art of flight and deeper again today.


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It wasn't a gas canister. Salvadore's and all the cafes on the street run gas lines. It's an attack against foreign (read american) interests. Could be the start of the next wave of anti americanism. Chickens do come home to roost, you know.



You got to try these beans. Nothing like a nice steaming cup of robusta to give you a kick in the morning. I've come to expect robusta to be bitter with an aftertaste of burnt, but these beans are the real deal. Great chocolatety flavor that'll turn the most diehard arabica fans around to see what real coffee really tastes like.


If you're looking for a heat score, you should check out this place. This place is run by losers to say the least. And those hippies selling fake jewellery outside, classy.

POS establishment. 2 thumbs down.