1,200-year-old Chan (Zen) Buddhist temple featuring a turtle-filled pond and Therevada-style temple, open 6:30am-6pm daily, 6-yuan entrance fee. Vegan meals served in rear canteen daily from 6:50-7:50am, 11:30am and 5:30pm.

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  • NameYuantong Temple
  • Address30 Yuantong Jie, Kunming
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Yuantong Temple • 30 Yuantong Jie

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I visited the other day after spending some time at Green Lake as it was just a short walk.

Really beautiful inside, 6 yuan entry. Loads of nice old buildings to look around and the turtle lake was nice. So many turtles!

Recommended if you like temples or turtles! ;P


sort of disappointed here; is there supposed to be a way up the cliff on the back, to access the buildings on top of it? As it was now, most of the rooms were closed, which made for a very lackluster impression.


This is the biggest buddhist temple in Kunming, supposedly, and it is pretty impressive. Offers a nice respite from the bustle around it, and the collection of turtles and gigantic frogs is pretty cool. Also lots of big buildings with huge statues in them.