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  • NameQ's Coffee
  • Address6 Cuihu Nan Lu, 1st Floor (Inside Green Lake Hotel), Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 5163086
Q's Coffee • 6 Cuihu Nan Lu, 1st Floor (Inside Green Lake Hotel)

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This place is a bit expensive at 50 kuai for a cup of coffee. They are indeed catering to people from out of town (mainly Japanese businessmen and tourists - who are accustomed to paying such prices who live on foreign salaries). It is not really within the means of many ex-pats who are working here in China on a Chinese salary though - except for perhaps some foreigners on pension plans and rich Chinese. Well, those are pretty much the only people you will find in a place like this since the prices are even more expensive than what you would pay in Tokyo for something comparable! Having said that though, the coffee is probably the best you will find in Kunming. Cheers!


In all fairness to Salvador's, the "58 yuan" coffee you're talking about includes both ice cream and liqueur (Kahlua or Bailey's) [see: <a href="]." rel="nofollow" target="_blank">].</a>

Though I haven't been to Q's, I had a similarly disappointing experience at UBC Coffee where my Americano topped ¥40.

The cheapest places I've been to for a decent cup of coffee in Kunming are Dona Donuts (¥5, Jianshe Lu) and McDonalds (¥6).

Although it goes without saying that neither beats Salvador's in terms of taste or class.