Wonders Of Yunnan Travel


Subway card

satii (80 posts) • 0

I have found Alipay transport features to work best for both subay and bus embarkation scanning.

Similar to Didi, Alipay's built-in bus map route is also easy to use and accurate. Hello Bike, new Hello ebike, and taxi hailing also available within app.

Located inside Alipay app, under "Traffic" mini program (交通出行): First tab is for bus, next for subway, then bike renting, last tab to the right is cab hailing.

Right now Alipay is offering promotional 40% discount if you purchase week long bus package. 30% off for metro/subway card. Discount valid for two trips a day for seven days.

Convenient and widely used by local commuters (younger professionals and students) for a good reason.

napav (30 posts) • +3

For those who may venture through busier Kunming subway stations, the cash/coin machines where you usually purchase one-time trip cards are now obstructed by large barcode signs placed half a meter in front. One sign was for WeChat and another for Unionpay. Instructions are detailed in previous page 4.

Note: commuters can still walk around the signs to purchase your subway ticket manually like before.

A playback speaker broadcasts in Chinese telling passengers to avoid touching these ticket purchasing machines if possible. Yet, recommends scanning your smartphone to enter & exit MRT turnstiles.

One caveat is that upon using WeChat (or Alipay) transportation mini program to scan as before, you would now have to fill an online health evaluation form, claiming you're free from coronavirus symptoms. Presumably one-off instance.

Metro station security in white, full body hazmat gear measures your temperature upon passing metal detectors and x-ray for your bags. IMO, they deserve commendation for their exhaustive work. Must be hot and stuffy in those suits while checking for both terrorists & viruses simultaneously.

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