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Hamburger Buns In KMG?

adm556 (6 posts) • 0

I haven't looked for or seen Hamburger buns in Carrefour, and I don't make it in from Chenggong much. Do they sell them? If so any idea on price? I just read an article about getting bread at the Wicker Basket. Is that my best option?


mPRin (821 posts) • 0

We got some great burger buns at the Carrefour on Longquan Lu. They don't have them all the time though, it's a bit hit and miss. Paul's cafe (not shop) on Wenhua Xiang also have them from time to time.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Wicker Basket for bread generally - the elongated-rugby-ball loaves with about 5 different grains in them will last a week or more in the fridge (if you don't have them slice it) and are near as good as bread can get.

Ocean (1163 posts) • 0

Wicker Basket bread freezes very well too. Lasts for months that way. Caarrefour and Metro bread freezes very badly as a rule! Dunno why!

adm556 (6 posts) • 0

Thanks everyone. I'm working a lil research project.. and I'm going to be needing several hundred.. thousands hopefully. With that kind of quantity, should I look outside of Kunming?

I've done a bit of online searching, no luck yet on a place that sells wholesale buns, and I don't really think I can order boxes of buns from the local Discos.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

hahaha, you're doing a research project on kunming hamburger buns?

what are you looking for? to see if the rats eat it and if they get diabetes?
can i be your lab assistant?

eric25001 (41 posts) • 0

With the rise of blood sugar problems in China are hamburger buns part of the cause or part of the solution?

Why not get bids from Dicos, McD's, Etcetera on just the meat with no bun please?

flengs (108 posts) • 0

Is there a recent update to this situation? Which place has the best buns? Has a good bakery finally opened up somewhere?

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