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How to work as a Dj in Kunming ?

thomass_gump (2 posts) • 0

Hello !

I've got question. I need to know how it's possible to play as a Dj here in Kunming ? I'm a Dj in my hometown in France (French Riviera) and I'm here for a year but I miss playing in Club. I play Electronic music (Electro, House, Techno, Tech House & Deep House) I don't really know how to ask to clubs here if it's possible to play and unfortunately I don't speak Chineses yet so it's a bit complicated for me.

Thank's in advance for your answers & tips concerning my demand !

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

Go to the Mask at Kundu and speak to Alex. He can speak English. He always welcomes new DJs. He going travelling on Monday, so you should go speak to him this weekend.
Good luck!

Nagam (11 posts) • 0

Go to O'Reillys any Saturday and talk to DJ D.K. The house DJ openly gives advise and has many contacts in the club business.

thomass_gump (2 posts) • 0

Thank you very much for your answers ! I have already talk to the Dj of the M2 Club and normally I will play there ! But I will also go to the Mask & O'reillys pub !