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Flying a dog to Shanghai

vic077 (12 posts) • 0

Has anyone travelled on an airplane in China with a dog? My dog is only 4 kg so I think she can travel in cabin. I don't know the rules of Chinese airlines though. Anyone have this experience?

DAY DREAMER (24 posts) • 0

A lot of airlines can ship animals. Get your chinese friend to ring china eastern or air china or china southern. I know some chinese take their dogs on holiday by plane. One chinese even took her dog when she visited usa. They will be put in cargo compartment with air.

DiegoDave (16 posts) • 0

If you need the shot record / rabies documentation I just recently did this with our dog. PM if you need directions to the clinic; its just off of 1-2-1 da jie.

DAY DREAMER (24 posts) • 0

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in the cabin in China regardless of the size. If you decide shipping her by air you need to get a record showing all her shots are update and you need to get her a cage where she will be staying on the plane - if I were you, I would get a relatively large size/stronger one for her comfort and safty.

Dazzer (2806 posts) • 0

You may or may not be aware that Shanghai is a city with additional dog restrictions.

If you are going to live in Shanghai, you need to contact the property management of where you are going to live to see if any of these will affect you.
I think there may even be a restriction on the number of dogs per building, which is why I mention it.

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