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Hospitals and Matresses

bamala (2 posts) • 0

Any tips on where to go for medical services (such as inoculations, exams, dermatology, etc). I'm looking for something more western-style than the First Affiliated Hospital; anything like the SOS clinic in Beijing?

Where to people buy mattresses in Kunming? It seems like there is some kind of mattress shortage or something.


geteven (15 posts) • 0

If you're considering going in for some cheap non-essential procedures while you're here in Kunming... don't. Honestly the nearest quality hospitals you'll find are in Bangkok and Hong Kong. As for Kunming's hospitals, I have heard a long chain of horror stories -- many from people who are fluent in Chinese, and can explain exactly what they need/want.

If you are feeling pretty ill and need some attention, I'd suggest getting in touch with the doctors with Project Grace for advice, or emailing your family doctor back home. If you can tell the hospital/pharmacy exactly what you need, you're better off.

My understanding is that first affiliated is as good as it gets here (note that they are SOS's partner hospital in Kunming). If anyone else has more tips... PLEASE, they'd be very welcome.

lesliehorizon (1 post) • 0

my idea, in kunming, if want a proper therapy, u`d best have a friend who is a doctor or his(her, or relative) friend is a doctor, cause even local people often get not so good treatment here in china(maybe because of huge population),

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