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Olympic Torch in Kunming

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Can anyone confirm the route of the torch within Kunming? What will be the best vantage points, and what times will the torch pass them?

zlif23 (159 posts) • 0

69,6:24-9:00在石林the store forest景区日月广举行云南省奥运火炬接力启动仪式>在石林景区传递1公里>世界自然遗产标志牌(圣火展示)—转场汽车到昆明体育场随后火炬开始在昆明市内传递

上午从市体育场stadium of the city 出发环城西路西站立交一二一大街121 street—建设路jian she road—文林街wen lin street—翠湖北路陆军讲武堂展示)cui hu bei lu—翠湖南路cui hu nan lu—圆通街yuan tong road—圆通大桥yuan tong bridge—北京路beijing road—北站隧道汽车转场沿北京路延长线北辰大道bei chen road到世博花园酒店午餐) hotel of expro

下午afternoon:从世博园二号门进世博园expro—经云南园中国馆花园大道正门展示)—白龙路bai long road—石闸立交shi zha bridge—白塔路bai ta road—东风路dong feng road(东风广场展示show in dong feng square)—青年路qing nian rd—金碧路jin bi road(金马坊展示)—云南省第一人民医院东寺街dong si street(东西寺塔展示)—环城南路huan cheng nan lu—五华体育场wu hua stadium(休息点)—滇池路dian chi road—民族村minority village(民族村正门怒族村刀杆广场普米村独龙村佤族村基诺村蒙石村纳西村民族团结广场晚间庆祝活动点),晚餐滇池花园国际酒店

18:00---19:00活动 final party at the united square in the minority village.


18:50 北京奥组委圣火礼仪护卫人员将圣火台引回火种灯并将火种灯交给北京奥组委圣火使者向现场观众展示圣火台熄灭燃放焰火北京奥组委圣火使者离场昆明火炬接力传递官方庆祝活动结束

19:00 圣火及运行团队离开民族村送往昆明机场转至丽江
here is a map
but really can not see clearly

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I was thinking Beijing Lu north of the tunnel is a wide place that maybe wouldn't be as crowded. But it says 汽车转场, does that mean it will be in a vehicle? From where to where?

zlif23 (159 posts) • 0

New route for the torch
June 9th, 9:00 world expo
  火炬在世博园内传递4000圣火在世博园正门展示后转场沿三环东路san huan dong lu、经昆洛路kun luo luo、广福路guang fu lu、到达滇池路滇池旅游度假区管委会入口河尾村)he wei cun。火炬从滇池路滇池旅游度假区管委会入口河尾村开始传递沿滇池路dian chi lu、西贡码头xi gong ma tou、康怡休闲园kang yi xiuxian yuan、云南民族村滇池大舞台minority village举行结束仪式
the torch will not get into the city.

zlif23 (159 posts) • 0


  丽江市火炬接力总里程为8.9公里, 610日上午8点在丽江市人民广场举行起跑仪式来自15个民族的208名火炬手参与火炬接力


  (迪庆香格里拉火炬接力xiang ge li la

  香格里拉火炬接力总里程为40.36公里, 611日上午9点在香格里拉体育中心举行起跑仪式来自12个民族的208名火炬手和53名护跑手参与火炬接力


surruk51 (8 posts) • 0

It is so sad they decided to cancel the torch run through the city. So many people will be disappointed. One world maybe is only One dream.

Quester (233 posts) • 0

Ah?! After the previous information posted here, I arranged to have Monday off work to go to see the torch at Expo. Then they change the schedule on the very last day! So I find that when I finish work at lunchtime on Monday that the torch is already gone!

I would find it rude to even organize a BBQ and change the arrangements only one day before. What sort of way is this to arrange something as once-in-a-lifetime as the arrival of the Olympic Torch? Why would they change at the last minute like that?

no way (104 posts) • 0

just one day off? you got it easy. i've been told from
someone who knows someone, that the general manager
of carrefour was invited to run in the kunming relay. so
after he flies in from france, he's disinvited at the last

friends and i were waiting along beijinglu for the torch,
but police told us the run through the city was cancelled,
simply having relays at the expo garden and the
minorities theme park.

we suspect they did this in response to rumors of tilblet
protesters, but who knows.....

no way (104 posts) • 0

ah yes, the police added don't bother going to either
location, as they were restricted to invitation only.

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