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Where to buy backpacks in Kunming?

DenLee (49 posts) • 0

I'd like to buy a decent backpack for about 400~500 Yuan (not more, and I mean decent in this price range, not a VIP Golden Sweet Ultimate level price range).
I'd like to get a medium or maybe a large sized one, but not gigantic. Not so sure about litres as I haven't had one, but it doesn't matter. I only need it to be more or less comfortable to carry and to be able to withstand heavy load (that is, I don't need 100 litres, but I'd like it to be able to "survive" 30+ kg).

Where can I get a quality (again, in this price range) backpack for this price in Kunming?

Thank you!

PS: I really really can't afford a more expensive one, so please no comments about "must buy Y1000+ one".

OceanOcean (1191 posts) • 0

There are a lot of camping shops around Walmart in XiaoXiMen. 200m from the KFC there.

DenLee (49 posts) • 0

Thanks. Um, but in what direction exactly they are? (You say 200m from KFC, though I don't know in which direction).

OceanOcean (1191 posts) • 0

Yeah, sorry. As you face KFC go right (north) and follow the small road bearing left which goes around the back of Walmart. You'll see 2-3 shops almost immediately. Can't vouch for the selection/quality.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

If you head west along Long Xiang Jie (龙翔街) from Wenlin Jie area, past Dicos on the same side of the road... as you pass the Mediterranean bar there are a couple of outdoor shops. One that sells budget backpacks for pretty cheap (and has outdoor shoes in 44+ sizes amazingly) and another (upstairs/downstairs) with lots of authentic western outdoor gear (pricey, but good quality). Thats where I go when I am after outdoor gear...

DenLee (49 posts) • 0

Thank you for advices, I'll go check them out next week. Except for Dali though. :)

TICexpats (207 posts) • 0

Best place I've found for real quality outdoor/ mountain stuff at good prices is in Dali. Pm for details.

Their stock, for clothes

Mountain Hard wear
North face

ex officiado


the above plus, Stevenson, Trango, Eureka, Black Diamond, Ospray are best backpacks ever made, but costly.

etc...etc etc

Real stuff super good prices.

Genuine alpine semi rigid boots, Ice axes, Crampons, Ice screws, waterproof ropes are not impossible to find, but will cost .

DenLee (49 posts) • 0

Well, I went to explore all the shops today (+ some 2 shops on Nanping jie) and, to tell the truth, I wasn't really convinced about the quality of those backpacks. I've even raised my limit to 700 Yuan, but I just don't know, they almost all seemed quite flimsy to me. The shop on Wenhua Xiang seemed OK, but the backpacks weren't that practical; the other shops...a lot of fakes and or simply bad designs, but the prices were the same anywhere (600-800) no matter the size or quality.
Is it just my feeling, or they really are quite bad in China (maybe except for the Wenhua Xiang shop) and I should either buy one in Europe for the same price (which at least is fake-proof), or (not a real option to me) buy an expensive imported backpack, like those on Longxiang jie?

I'm not complaining here, I'd just like to know if you have any experience or if my bad impressions are correct - I don't really want to throw away up to 700 Yuan for a backpack which would fall apart in a few weeks.

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